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Plates Family Travel Game

The Plates Family Travel game is un for the whole family! See how many different vehicle license plates you and your family can find on your road trip or all year round! License plates are available from the countries of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and available for English, Spanish and French.

To play the Plates travel game, see how many different vehicle license plates you and your family can find on your road trip. As you find a license plate, check it off your list. Work as a family in the car, or individually, while you travel. Play just for one trip, or keep your game going as long as you want! This can be a family project as you build your collection of license plate sightings together. And the paid version allows you to save games! License plates are available from the countries of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

There are a total of 103 license plates included in the game (114 in the paid version):

• 57 U.S. license plates: one for each of the U.S. 50 states, one for Washington D.C., one for the U.S. Government, and five for the U.S. territories. Eleven more in the paid version.
• 13 Canada license plates: one for each of the 10 Canadian provinces, and one for each of the 3 Canadian territories.
• 33 Mexico license plates: one for each of the 31 Mexican federated states; one for Customs, and one for the Mexico City Federal District.

Includes language support for English, French, and Spanish.

Let us know if you want us to include other special U.S., Canada, or Mexico license plates. Or even if you would like to see another country's license plates.

New for 2015, parents and grandparents love the Pastor-approved Noah’s Ark mobile app, because their kids have a blast playing the different levels of the game, improving their matching skills, and learning the amazing truth about the great flood.

Noah's Ark comes to life when children identify and match animals to get them on the Ark, while increasing their bible knowledge. More than a 100 short fun facts are presented visually and audibly to tell the story. Kids enjoy hearing other kids speak the audio fun facts (recorded by 25 kids at a Christian Academy in Florida). Each fun fact is supported by the reference and link, e.g., "The rainbow is a sign of God's promise to Noah and every person for generations to come." Genesis 9:12-17

This app is not based on the Noah movie, but on biblical truth!

Your child will learn:

• memory skills
• to identify 19 animal kinds
• to match animals
• the thrill of matching animals with less and less turns
• the Noah’s Ark story
• Scripture references


• Game and fun facts are available in English or Spanish
• Touch a member of Noah’s family for names and a quick bio
• Learn fun facts about each kind of animal
• Learn 80 fun facts about the bible story
• All facts link to source material, e.g., scripture or Answers in Genesis, etc.
• Fun facts have audio and text
• Best scores, by level
• Encouraging applause for each animal match
• Highly intuitive
• Independent play
• Four playing levels:
• • Beginner level with 8 animal matches
• • Medium level with 10 animal matches
• • Hard level with 12 animal matches
• • Challenging level with 15 animal matches
• Animals appear “randomly” within each level, on each game, so a child can play one level multiple times and it will seem new each time!